Dillan Hackett, Innovation Director and leader of the UiPath Community London Chapter, shares how UiPath developers can accelerate their AI skillset.

Over the last six months, UiPath has released new AI features and tools like AI Connectors and LLMs. But they haven’t forgotten about their own developer community. In the UiPath Community webinar, the speakers explore some of the new AI features and tools designed to help developers and users accelerate their own development processes.

Speakers included:

The session covered:

  • Autopilot – the new generative tool for UiPath products. It allows developers and users to interact and build solutions created for you through conversational generative AI.
  • Clipboard AI – an AI-enhanced standalone clipboard and data mapping tool that the end-user can use in real time.
  • Specialized AI Professional—the new developer certification from UiPath, which focuses on the AI tools within the platform. The speakers will share what this certification involves and the preparation and support required to gain the skills to become a Specialized AI Professional.

Watch the recording of ‘AI for UiPath Developers’ now

UiPath Community webinar: AI for Automation Developers

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