We’ve all seen and heard how the likes of generative AI will transform the future of work, but that future is, in fact, already here. AI connectors are making things even easier for businesses looking to expand and streamline their automated workflows. Discover how these cutting-edge tools can revolutionize your business processes in our latest blog.

    Generative AI represents a seismic shift in how people and enterprises will get work done. Roughly two-thirds of current jobs are exposed to some degree of AI automation and generative AI could substitute up to one-fourth of current work1.

    The latest offerings from UiPath provide businesses with new opportunities to expand automation with AI. Put simply, these developments are set to redefine how businesses operate with the power of automation and AI. But where do you start?

    How to use AI with UiPath

    Like most things, it’s best to start at the beginning. Automation leaders now have several avenues to integrate AI into their workflows. Whether you’re looking for ready-made solutions, customization options or integration with varying platforms, Tquila Automation has you covered.

    Let’s take a closer look:

    Use pre-build AI-powered automation solutions

    Tquila offers a range of pre-built AI solutions through the UiPath platform that are designed to turbocharge your automations. These solutions come with a pre-built AI infrastructure layer, with various specialized models available. Two notable offerings for built-in AI automation solutions include Intelligent Document Understanding and Comms Mining:

    • Intelligent Document Understanding takes the complexity out of document processing by using advanced AI techniques. It’s a straightforward pre-built solution that can elevate enterprises, particularly when powered by Generative AI; it allows your automation to understand documents, extract crucial data and process it. Capabilities such as annotation, classification and extraction provide even more versatility and efficiency, further streamlining document processes.
    • Document Understanding delivers an enhanced experience for building and monitoring. It also adds Generative AI extraction, classification and model pre-labelling, which accelerate model training by 80%2.
    • Communications Mining unlocks the hidden potential within your conversations, emails and messages, whether internal or customer-facing comms. It enables intelligent mining of communication content, turning unstructured data into actionable intelligence. This not only boosts automation efficiency but also allows for better decision-making.
    • Communications Mining now uses a blend of Specialized AI and Generative AI to deliver answers to reporting and analytics queries faster for improved business insights.

    Build your own AI-powered automation

    For those looking for a customized approach, Tquila can provide the tools and resources through UiPath to build a solution from the ground up. Whether you’re looking to integrate proprietary models that have been developed in-house, or leverage those acquired from specialized providers, this customization allows you to fine-tune models based on your unique use cases ensuring optimal performance while aligning with your business processes.

    In fact, creating automations with natural language and Generative AI removes a degree of friction for developers and end-users, bringing a semantic interface for building and using automations that further enhance the versatility of your automation solutions.

    Integrate UiPath solutions with other AI products

    UiPath has created partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS and OpenAI to offer a wide range of AI connectors. Essentially, these AI connectors act as bridge, integrating seamlessly with existing automations, ensuring the Generative AI’s smooth transition into the world of work.

    Whether it’s using Microsoft Azure Open AI connectors for tasks such as text correction or chatbot interactions or tapping into OpenAI’s various models for image recognition and language translation, AI connectors provide an unprecedented level of integration, enabling your enterprise to harness the full potential of AI in your automation workflows.

    Typical use cases for Generative AI connectors

    UiPath AI connectors enable a variety of use cases, allowing automation leaders to innovate and accelerate their programs. Some common patterns include:

    The Reader / Writer

    Large Language Models (LLMs) are great at understanding context and generating personalized text, whether longer or shorter than the original content. UiPath collects all the relevant information and prompts the LLM for text, keeping a human in the loop to fine-tune the output.

    This is invaluable for tasks like aggregating data from a clinical trial or gathering sentiment and customer history to generate a tailored customer service response, helping to increase process efficiency and accuracy.

    Fig 1: AI Connector use case: reader and writer

    The Analyst / Doer

    With Generative AI, your automation becomes an analyst and executor rolled into one. LLMs can generate structured output (data tables, code, XML/JSON) from multiple unstructured sources when prompted well. Prompting effectively involves providing clear and specific instructions to the LLM, guiding it towards generating the desired structured output, and therefore, driving more informed automation. The UiPath platform then collects the relevant sources and prompts the LLM to generate structured outputs.

    Critically, UiPath ensures the organized data meets standards, cross-checking it against set benchmarks or human checks, before it further executes processes based on the output. It can analyze complex data, draw insights and take immediate action. This is particularly useful in scenarios like competitor analysis or two-way match invoice processing.

    Fig 2: AI Connector use case: analyst and doer

    The Assistant

    Some enterprise organizations are building a custom GPT on their own knowledge sources. The UiPath platform can augment and enrich these chat interfaces by helping to integrate more knowledge sources, either directly in the LLM or in the prompt.

    UiPath’s Generative AI connectors can act as virtual assistants, gathering information, for example, on company travel policies for users to book compliant trips faster or to bring LLM experiences to older legacy systems to help speed up processes.

    Fig 3: AI Connector use case: assistant

    Generative AI-powered automation in action

    For illustration, let us examine an enhanced automation process when using UiPath AI Connectors (see image below). When using just core automation, a human will manually process incoming emails, identifying relevant content and subsequent actions. Under normal circumstances, automations usually kick in further along in the process, when there’s something to action.

    Fig 4: Evolution of automation from manual work to utilizing UiPath and AI Connectors

    However, with UiPath AI Connectors enterprises can automate even more activities. They review attached documents, emails and content, intelligently extracting key values with precision, where human input and validation ensure accuracy and compliance only by exception.

    The automation then seamlessly handles the process, before entering the data. Generative AI, now armed with extracted information, instead efficiently populates the necessary fields within the system, minimizing manual data entry. It then generates detailed reports automatically, reflecting the processed data and relevant insights.

    Finally, Generative AI connectors can then draft emails, where a human check at this stage ensures nuanced communication, maintaining a personal touch and addressing any specific contextual requirements, before the final step is also automated – the system sending off the prepared email, completing the end-to-end workflow. This augmented automation showcases the power of Generative AI in expanding the scope of tasks that can be automated, allowing enterprises to streamline more activities efficiently.

    The future of work is now

    Ready to revolutionize your business processes? Discover how Generative AI connectors can make your workflows smarter, faster, and future-ready with Tquila Automation. Schedule a free consultation now to find out more.

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