Amid the pandemic, Texas Children’s Hospital implemented a state-of-the-art conversational AI solution that verified the vaccination status of over 13,000 medical workers within two months.

It solved the challenges of:

  • Ensuring the vaccination status of medical workers and administrative staff
  • Keeping the process streamlined and reducing the need for human agents to handle sensitive data
  • Reducing costs of process implementation
  • Following and enforcing Center for Disease Control guidelines.

With Element Blue – a Tquila Automation Company’s services, Druid AI and UiPath technologies, the solution:

  • Facilitated a multi-language assistant able to communicate with staff and patients of different backgrounds and 24/7 availability
  • Enabled 95% digitalization of the verification process
  • Updated vaccination records for 13,000 workers’ vaccination status in less than two months.

Steven Gerhardt, SVP of Healthcare, and Joe Nieto, Director, at Element Blue – a Tquila Automation Company, and Dan Balaceanu, CPO at DRUID AI, shared more about the implementation and solution in the interview below. Watch now!

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