Acceleration Fueled: Advice and Insight to Keep Your Automation Journey in the Fast Lane

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Intrigued by the market buzz, proven benefits, and now mature technology, more companies than ever before are leveraging automation to go faster, be better and digitally transform with an eye towards the future. Significant enterprise value is being created by ambitious businesses that are accelerating work, reducing errors, better servicing customers and boosting employee satisfaction through the elimination of repetitive and onerous tasks.

But, that isn’t to say the automation journey is always easy. Like anything else, there are best practices to apply and pitfalls to avoid along the way that can help your initiatives stay on course to deliver value. Sometimes it’s basic, yet not obvious, things that make the difference between success and a stalled project.

During this session, two of our most senior consultants with years of experience in the intelligent automation space share perspective on how to accelerate, scale and achieve success across common phases of an automation journey. They discuss what we’ve gleaned from hundreds of engagements so that you gain actionable insight regardless of whether you’re just getting started or already have projects underway.

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