Ben Park, SVP of Technology at Tquila explains how its newest platform goes beyond basic chatbots, offering enterprise-level integration, automation and generative AI capabilities.

    Times are changing at an unprecedented speed. Top analysts are now predicting transformative trends with Large Language Models (LLMs) and Conversational Apps that will change the future of work.

    By 2026, more than 50% of enterprise applications will be conversational, up from less than 5% today1. And by 2028, LLM-enabled conversational applications will provide some level of administrative automation for 90% of knowledge workers, up from 10% in 20232.

    Now, Tquila Automation is positioned to lead that change for automation leaders, with the introduction of Conversational AI powered by the new DRUID platform. This technology offers a solution that transforms your current automations into a cohesive intelligent experience.

    But what does it really do? And how can it help your business?

    What is a Conversational Business Application?

    Imagine your manager asking you to complete a task, you casually chat about the details, find what you need to and then go away and complete it. Now, imagine asking software to complete this task instead and it understands your request in exactly the same way, before completing it instantaneously. No rigid scripts, no specific keywords, no structured commands – just natural conversation. That’s the power of conversational business applications, using Conversational AI to interpret intent and produce action. The future of business automation.

    It leaves behind the basic interactions of clunky chatbots that struggled to understand simple questions, often resulting in a wake of frustration. Instead, ask this Conversational AI to schedule a meeting, request a report or answer a complex question using natural language, and it just gets it.

    CBA provides a powerful solution for businesses aiming to improve their automation offering, streamline processes and revolutionise customer and employee experiences with personalised, real-time support, 24/7. But what makes it truly stand out?

    Think of it this way. Is your IT helpdesk overwhelmed with requests for software troubleshooting? Is the HR department struggling to on-board new staff quickly? Is the accounting team unable to keep up with invoice status requests?

    Tquila’s Conversational AI, powered by the DRUID platform, offers the potential for solutions to all these challenges and more. All your employee needs to do is ask this AI assistant, “Can you process the invoice requests for the marketing team and send the approvals to Jane,” and Conversational AI will understand and execute the task seamlessly.

    It’s different. It’s dynamic. It’s adaptable. No matter the department, no matter if it’s interacting directly with customers or colleagues, conversational business applications will understand the intent and complete the task, freeing you up for more strategic work.

    How does it work?

    Conversational business applications use conversational AI – a cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine with semantic and sentiment analysis, allowing it to understand the nuances of human language, handle complex questions and requests, and even adapt its responses based on context and user intent.

    The purpose-built model also covers an extensive language pack, extending to Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and all East European languages, delivering an accuracy rate of over 98%.

    By using DRUID’s generative AI and conversational AI platform, Tquila can provide a complete automation solution for its automation leaders who are looking to enhance user experience, whilst driving operational efficiency through the automation of mundane and repetitive tasks.

    Let’s take a closer look at a few of its features.

    Conversational business applications capabilities integrate with all communication channels, use out-of-the-box connectors to common business applications, integrations with large language models, and a 300+ solution library.

    Conversational capabilities at a glance

    • All communication channels
      • DRUID can integrate with all major channels such as Slack, WeChat, WhatsApp and MS Teams, offering flexibility for all employees.
    • Largest array of connectors on the market
      • The platform comes with “out-of-the-box” connectors to many common business applications like Salesforce, Microsoft (Suite), Oracle and SAP. And if a connector doesn’t exist, one can be created via a custom API with ease. It even integrates natively with common automation tools such as UiPath’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA), allowing you to develop integrated solutions that can automate complex business processes across multiple technologies.
    • Readily available integrations with LLMs
      • DRUID integrates with LLMs, like OpenAI, as a 3rd party NLP provider, alongside other NLP engines such as RASA, LUIS and DialogFlow.
    • Solution library
      • Over 500 prepacked conversation templates are held within the DRUID Solution Library that help accelerate implementation timescales.
    • Named Entity Recognition
      • Internal business dictionaries are automatically synced with backend systems, including product names, services, document numbers and more. That way, the system can learn your business language.
    • Conversation designer
      • Simple authoring tools have been designed to make the creation of the Conversational Business Applications (CBA) accessible for both technical and non-technical developers.

    Why Conversational AI is the future of business

    Conversational AI is fundamentally reshaping how businesses operate internally and interact with customers. Its integration with the likes of CRM and ERP systems, as well as RPA and intelligent automation, allows end users to trigger automations through a unified conversational interface, further amplifying its power and ROI.

    While other forms of automation like RPA robots are useful at processing pre-defined work, they are limited in their flexibility and ability to adapt to specific users’ needs and requests. Conversational AI helps to remove the barriers between back-end automations and the end-user, as well as eliminating the need for technical expertise or specific commands to interact with them. For your end-users, it’s super easy to use, leading to a streamlined and digitally enhanced experience.

    Delivered as a single, cohesive and fully managed solution, this powerful combination results in significant cost savings, greater reliability with existing automations, improved data accuracy and the ability to scale operations effortlessly to meet business demands, particularly during peak periods.

    The DRUID platform, and the ability to increase productivity through Conversational AI, is now readily available to all Customer Success managed service clients through our unique accelerator program.

    Time to join the conversation?

    Stop struggling with manual tasks, frustrated employees, and inefficient processes. Conversational AI is driving the future of business and automation; Tquila simply has the keys.

    Be among the first to experience the transformative power of natural language interfaces for business applications. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about Conversational AI for your business with Tquila Automation.

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