Recently, our team at Tquila Automation announced the business’s achievement to Diamond level in the UiPath Partner Program. This exclusive partnership recognizes commitment to delivering UiPath solutions to customers and proven success in the automation platform.

UiPath, a leading business automation platform, has an extensive network of partners worldwide. Among these partners, the highest level of partnership is the Diamond Partner Status. Here, we will discuss what UiPath Diamond Partner Status is, and the benefits it brings to Tquila’s customers.

What is UiPath Diamond Partner Status?

UiPath Diamond Partner Status is the highest level of partnership that UiPath offers to its most strategic partners. It is an exclusive partnership that recognizes the partner’s commitment to delivering UiPath solutions to customers. Partners who achieve Diamond Partner Status have demonstrated a high level of expertise in UiPath technology, proven customer success, and have invested significantly in UiPath-related resources.

What are the benefits?

As a UiPath Diamond Partner, Tquila receives a range of benefits to better serve our customers. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Extensive Training and Certification: UiPath Diamond Partners have access to an extensive range of training and certification programs that can help them build their expertise in UiPath technology. This includes UiPath Academy, which offers online courses, tutorials, and certifications for RPA developers and business analysts.
  • Access to UiPath’s Technical Support: As a UiPath Diamond Partner, you have access to UiPath’s technical support team, which can help you resolve any technical issues you encounter when implementing UiPath solutions.
  • Access to UiPath’s Partner Portal: UiPath Diamond Partners have access to UiPath’s Partner Portal, which provides a range of resources, technical documentation, and training materials.
  • Early Access to UiPath Product Releases: UiPath Diamond Partners are given early access to UiPath’s product releases, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest UiPath technology and features.

What is the criteria to achieve the status?

To become the Diamond level of the program, you must first become a UiPath partner. UiPath offers four levels of partnership: Registered Partner, Silver Partner, Gold Partner, and Diamond Partner. Each level of partnership has specific requirements and benefits.

Diamond Partner Status includes the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated success in implementing UiPath solutions for customers.
  • A proven track record of selling UiPath software.
  • A team of certified UiPath experts including Solutions Architects, RPA Developers, Infrastructure Engineers, and Business Analysts


Commitment to our customers

Reaching the top-tier of the UiPath Partner Program reflects the collective training our team has underdone to provide our customers with the best solutions to implementing automation. If you are interested in learning more about the status or how we can help you enhance your business processes and offerings with intelligent automation, schedule a free consultation today!