From out-of-date security protocols to never missing a release

On-premise UiPath solutions may have outdated security protocols, lack new features, heavy technical debt, and compliance issues. It’s leading to higher infrastructure costs, wasted time maintaining rather than scaling automation, and stopping you from being able to scale automation enterprise-wide seamlessly.

The challenges with on-prem

If you continue with on-premise infrastructure, you’ll continue running automation solutions, but it won’t have the impact your effort deserves and will take longer than it should.

Or you could be unlucky. You’ll no longer be able to justify putting time and effort into automation- and you’ll lose out on the opportunity to drive efficiencies, boost productivity, and provide value to the business.

Out of date UiPath products

The longer the problem is left, the harder it becomes to address as newer versions of UiPath may not be backward-compatible with older versions, making the migration process more difficult, with the potential to lose the progress made to date.

Unable to scale automation quickly and efficiency

It will become more difficult to scale automation across processes, departments and ultimately across enterprise.

Higher infrastructure costs

The running costs of an automation program could outweigh the returns of an automation program.

Why migrate to UiPath Automation Cloud?


Reduce downtime

When upgrading to the cloud, updating to the latest versions is easy.


Remove complexity

Remove the complexity from a hybrid approach of on-prem and cloud environments and managing deployments across geographically-scattered teams.


More control

Run automation solutions in any region, with no infrastructure required.


Re-invest to scale

Infrastructure costs are significantly reduced, enabling you to maximize ROI across the full automation lifecycle.

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