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Tquila Automation is growing rapidly, and we’re looking to support our growth by mentoring and coaching new automation and AI professionals. That’s why we’re launching the global Tquila Tech Academy! Now available in Bucharest Romania and Birmingham, AL, our team is looking for exceptional talent from some of the best universities in the world.

About Tquila Automation

We are an intelligent automation consultancy specializing in the end-to-end service delivery of UiPath ai-powered automation solutions. Our global distribution model provides advisory, delivery, and managed services delivering game-changing value to some of the world’s biggest brands.

Why join?

Intelligent Automation is a hypergrowth industry. 


In Annual Growth

expected in RPA market by 2030


Industry Growth Expected

year over year

What's included?

The Developer Internship

  • The opportunity to advance your career in RPA as part of a fast-growing intelligent automation consultancy
  • Learn about delivering RPA solutions from some of the best professionals in the industry
  • Work out of an in-person professional delivery center
  • This role will involve design, development, testing, and production delivery of robotic processes built within UiPath.

Applications are currently closed. If you’re interested in future intakes, upload your CV.

Interested in applying? Register for 2024 here


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