Recently, the Customer Success team at Tquila Automation shared a comprehensive overview of DRUID AI, its conversational AI platform, and how to combine it with the UiPath platform for transformative results. Interested in learning more? Read below.

Conversational AI is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine with semantic and sentiment analysis built in. This allows it to understand the nuances of human language, handle complex questions and requests, and even adapt its responses based on context and user intent.

When combining the DRUID AI platform with UiPath, adding a conversational layer to automation, the benefits are four-fold:

  • Save time and lower cost: 99% of repetitive tasks are resolved automatically – allowing people to focus on work that matters
  • Enhance user experience: 70% increase in workforce productivity with a UX layer for all users’ interaction with any business process
  • Improve quality: 50% increase in customer satisfaction scores by eliminating user error and increasing consistency through standardized processes
  • Boost engagement: 125% increase in customer lifetime value with personalized interaction gateways exactly where users spend time.

Dillan Hackett, Innovation Director at Tquila Automation, shares the benefits of combining conversational and automation layers in the ‘Introducing Conversational AI’ webinar

Times are changing

Termed conversational business applications (CBA), it means that you can ask the software to complete a task, and it understands your ask without any rigid scripts, specific keywords, or structured commands—just natural conversation. The conversational AI robot will kickstart the automation to complete the task.

Gartner predicts that almost half of us will interact with enterprise applications through a conversational layer in the near future. That’s why access to Conversational AI robots from DRUID AI now comes as standard to Tquila’s Operate & Run packages. Our team will work with you to choose the right use case that delivers the highest impact—whether it’s managing recruitment or controlling UiPath processes—and then design and deliver it as part of the same package.

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