Element Blue, a Tquila Automation company specializing in the creation of intelligent solutions for healthcare and life sciences organizations, is pleased to announce Gabriel Marin Brito’s selection for UiPath’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award – the highest recognition that UiPath offers to its community members for their outstanding contributions, innovation, and evangelism shown in the larger automation community. This year, 125 individuals from 34 countries have been recognized as MVPs.

Now a 3-time MVP, Marin joined the Tquila organization in 2023 as a member of the company’s Argentinian development team in Buenos Aires. His background includes more than 20 years in technology; 10 involving AI-powered solutions, and 5 utilizing the UiPath platform. 

Regarding his career in intelligent automation, Marin said, “After working for some years in different technologies related to automation like intelligent document processing and OCR,  and automation workflows for processes in the background, my move to RPA was the natural way to continue doing what I enjoyed, but with even more possibilities: working in a low code environment that integrates all the features I had been using for years and also including the possibility to automate the UI interface.”

“My experience as an RPA Developer (UiPath) has afforded me the chance to not only increase my experience in enterprise grade automation, but also to learn from different industries and gain a better perspective of the IT ecosystem within various organizations. I am enjoying working in the healthcare space – it feels very different. It has a sense of purpose; there are people behind these systems that are taking care of the lives of others, and we are part of that. It feels good at the end of the day. And also, there are plenty of complex use cases that test your logical abilities.”

This sense of purpose is the spirit of UiPath MVPs, who are drivers in building the UiPath Community and supporting other AI automation enthusiasts to enhance their skills. Embracing this spirit, Marin is committed “to do my best in sharing what I know and helping others also reach their own goals” in the UiPath Community.

“Now, I am working hard to keep pace of UiPath’s new platform features with the goal to become a Senior Automation Architect.”