Step into the world of cutting-edge automation with Nigel from Tquila Automation and Amarjit from the International Airlines Group. Learn how our innovative partnership has revolutionized processes and continues to deliver unprecedented value for IAG's customers and shareholders. Watch the video to hear their success story and ambitious plans for the future.

The challenge: meeting unprecedented demand

When British Airways, an IAG company, approached Tquila Automation with a capacity challenge, it was time to shift into a higher gear. The demand for process automation had surged, driven by customer requests during the lockdown period. The existing infrastructure struggled to keep pace with this newfound demand, prompting the IAG tech team to seek a solution that could not only scale but also deliver rapid and consistent innovation.

The solution: Test Suite as a Catalyst

Enter UiPath Test Suite. Its implementation allowed IAG to scale automation capacity to run more automation solutions as well as transitioning into a continuous delivery model across the entire group. It means that IAG can launch new innovative solutions faster and is now delivering more value to its passengers, employees, and shareholders. This translated into increased revenue, as the swift adoption of automation opened up new revenue streams and established partnerships with holiday providers.

Measuring success: tangible outcomes

  1. Increased revenue is one measure of success. Automation enabled IAG and British Airways to deliver enhanced services to their customers. A strategic partnership with a third-party holiday company exemplified this, propelling IAG into a direct business partnership.
  2. Employee experience was also improved by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks and empowering them to focus on more strategic, high-impact initiatives. Culminating in a more agile and innovative way of working.
  3. Automation mitigated the seasonal peaks and troughs for services. By streamlining processes, IAG avoided unnecessary expenditures, ensuring a more consistent service quality for their customers.

Looking ahead: scaling for the future

The success achieved in the past year and a half has set the stage for an even more ambitious future. With a robust foundation in place, IAG is poised to triple the benefits delivered by intelligent automation in the near term. It represents a monumental leap forward, promising not only an increase in releases from months to days but a fundamental shift towards agile, real-time innovations.

By embracing AI-powered automation from UiPath, IAG has not only streamlined operations but also enhanced its customer-centric service. As the journey continues, the sky is the limit for what value automation can generate for their passengers.


To understand the full depth of IAG’s transformation, watch the video.

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