Just launched! Connect ChatGPT-3 to any UiPath automation with our new listing on UiPath Marketplace.

    The ChatGPT Connector from the UiPath Marketplace means it has never been easier to connect robotic process automation with artificial intelligence.

    Some common use cases include:

    • Text summarization and extraction: ChatGPT can be trained to summarize and extract important information from text data. The integration with UiPath can automate the process of summarizing and extracting text from emails, reports, or web pages.
    • Sentiment detection and classification: In addition to text summarization, ChatGPT can be trained to detect and classify the sentiment behind text data. In time, it may help identify signals that a customer will or will not renew a subscription based on their query.
    • Content creation: It can support team members with anything from research to finalizing copy for product overviews to candidate job offers in recruitment.
    • Language translation: By integrating ChatGPT and UiPath, translating text from one language to another can be automated for elements such as customer and employee support.
    • Data analysis: It can be trained to extract and analyze insights from large volumes of data, like sales data or customer feedback. By integrating it with UiPath, it can automate the data analysis process, from extraction to insights generation, and trigger actions based on the results, like sending alerts or updating business metrics.

    Below is a demo of  how to use UiPath attended automation and GPT models to automatically generate job descriptions from user-defined input parameters:

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