The latest product release on the UiPath Business Automation Platform, Communications Mining, introduces a new wave of automation benefits and a welcome addition of capabilities. With the ability to mine communications and measure insights, the platform for innovation has leveled up the opportunity to increase scalability and enhance the customer experience.

    Business communications occur frequently and, with them, require a range of tasks. Time spent reading, responding, categorizing, fielding, escalating, and reviewing messages have amassed lengthy workflows, with reports of 71% of employee time spent on requests (1), taking away from time spent on core responsibilities.

    Factor in the widescale adoption (2) to communicate with companies for customer service issues via social media—of which 52% of consumers report they expect business response within one hour (3)—it’s vital for brands to provide an efficient experience. The timely and crucial process proves integrating automation and artificial intelligence into communications is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

    Enter in Communications Mining, created to analyze messages and automate business requests from the first touch point to the last while extracting and monitoring key information. Here, we’ll explore how it works to deliver actionable business outcomes.

    What is UiPath Communications Mining?

    UiPath Communications Mining combines automation with AI to monitor business communications to collect valuable insights and automate the corresponding processes. Until now, fielding communications was conducted manually, at the hands of human scheduling and organization. Communications Mining automates the process and uses AI to turn messaging, such as emails, chat messages, and social media posts, into real-time actionable data.

    Who should use UiPath Communications Mining?

    While the tool applies to any role with online written communication, users in customer service, marketing, and compliance functions may find the technology beneficial to process tickets, transfer documents, and escalate conversations.

    The diagram below shows a user in an insurance underwriting role with each task involved in triage requests. Without automation, it took the user three days to complete the request through manual triage. Automating the process decreases the time dramatically by using Communications Mining to continuously monitor the user’s inbox and route the request.

    Why do businesses need Communications Mining?

    Businesses run on communication, but it can also ruin businesses as 30% of employees report email is their biggest distraction from work (1). In addition to being time consuming, the tasks associated with communicating are often repetitive. Users can rejoice in relief that Communications Mining identifies opportunities for automating workflows and time spent resolving requests.

    With the intention to help businesses scale, the solution was created to help businesses improve how they communicate at work. Continuous monitoring identifies inefficiencies in processes, which can lead to improving response time and optimizing task management. Across the enterprise, the platform can be integrated with other UiPath products, such as UiPath Studio and UiPath Orchestrator, providing a holistic approach to automating the enterprise and enhancing offerings.

    What is the outcome?

    The platform allows users not only to work faster, but smarter. Embedding AI equips users with the resources to analyze text data to understand customer sentiment, identify trends, and discover insights to reveal repetitive processes. By extracting insights from communication data, organizations can make better decisions on how to improve customer experiences, develop more effective marketing campaigns, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements:

    • Improved Customer Experience: By analyzing customer communication channels, businesses can identify areas where they can improve their customer service and support.
    • Improved Compliance: UiPath Communications Mining can help businesses identify potential compliance issues by analyzing communication data for potential violations. This can help businesses avoid penalties and maintain compliance with regulations.
    • Competitive Advantage: By identifying actionable insights, businesses can stay ahead of industry trends and customer expectations, helping them to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract and retain customers.

    Get started with Communications Mining

    Interested in learning more about automation? Keen to add Communications Mining to your platform of capabilities? Tquila is here to help! Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more.

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