To sustain their mission of providing academic and professional support, INTO University aspired to optimize their business processes. Now, with robotic process automation (RPA), the team is maximizing their college submittals and helping more students across the globe.

INTO University Partnerships was established with the mission of supporting young people from underserved neighborhoods to attain their chosen aspirations through higher education, employment, and work-based training. To create new opportunities and break systemic barriers, the INTO team helps students by assisting them with academic support spanning from young people with their schoolwork, to one-on-one support with university students, and more.

Establishing a partnership to discover and deliver processes

Determined to scale rapidly, the team at INTO were inclined to implement new tools and processes that would keep them on track to help more students apply and attend university.  That’s when J’aime Moore, VP of Information Systems knew it was time to incorporate RPA in their college application strategy, “I’ve studied the automation space for years and have sought to use new tools to solve business processes. RPA became THAT tool and UiPath became the desired brand to begin the journey.”

With automation as the catalyst for growth, INTO sought to work with an implementation partner to strategize and deliver an automation program. Upon beginning the partnership, INTO worked with Tquila to discover which processes would deliver the largest benefits, namely to improve college application processing time.

Increasing submittal rate by automating application process

Tquila designed and delivered an automation program, which included three RPA solutions, to move and transfer student data from the college application in INTO’s system to the desired university without errors. The robots process 3,000 applications formally submitted manually by data entry specialists.

“Processing an application takes time and effort. However, when utilizing the right technology, like RPA via UiPath, we can continue to support an increase in application volumes while maintaining our processing cost at a predictable rate.”

J’aime Moore, VP of Information Systems, INTO University Partnerships
  • Data entry cost savings up to $50K USD per year
  • Employee time reallocated to strategic projects
  • Processed 25% more college applications per quarter