This insurtech firm was created to provide insurance plans that are tailored to the individual’s needs. By harnessing big data technology, the firm captures large datasets and utilizes the information to enhance underwriting decisions and present more suitable, needs-based options for homeowners.

To uphold their mission or providing the most timely and accurate coverage for their customers, the firm began their journey with Tquila to reach their goal of reclaiming time with automation and spend more time on customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

With their customer base top-of-mind, team members generate a weekly report to forecast the propensity of hurricanes and weather-related incidents. Then, the data from the report calculates coverage based on the likelihood that the region may experience detrimental weather. From there the team tailors their offerings in insurance coverage to provide their clientele.

The Solution

As a technology-first firm, the team understood the value of automation early on. The question was not whether to automate but rather which process to automate first. At the initiation of our partnership, the client informed our team of the repetitive, onerous process and time spent running the forecasting report and extracting the data.

The Results

In a UiPath StudioX Build-A-Bot training session, Tquila presented to the client the possibility of automating this niche report modeling process that provides valuable and life-changing information.

Now with an unattended robot running on their system, the insurtech firm can pull the data and prepare adjustment offerings quicker, eliminating errors and reclaiming time to assist their customers with personalized insurance coverage.

  • Greater report accuracy for providing adjusted coverage based on weather predictions
  • Errors reduced
  • Increased employee satisfaction