Tquila Automation sponsored UiPath FORWARD 5! The premiere automation event took place in Las Vegas, NV.

Check out our lineup of roundtables and panel sessions at FORWARD 5:

Prepare for take-off: Lessons learned about intelligent automation with British Airways

Hosts: Nigel Linnane & Andi Scanlan

Intelligent automation drives more competitive and profitable businesses by enabling faster response to industry and economic pressures. But, that isn’t to say the automation journey is always easy. Like anything else, there are best practices to apply and pitfalls to avoid along the way that help initiatives stay on course to deliver real value.


How to scale UiPath Document Understanding to maximize return on investment​

Hosts: Todd Slaughter (Day 1)​ & Dillan Hackett (Day 2)

While most Automation Leaders are reaping the benefits in one department, it’s time to scale UiPath Document Understanding across the enterprise.

Every document your business receives, whether by post, email, or other means, can run through a Digital Mailroom Inbox to digitize, classify and transfer data to be processed by the correct business unit.

How adopting an automation-first model for your shared services center creates enterprise value with Liberty Global

Hosts: Tom Abbott &

Shared Service Centers and intelligent automation create value together. Both pursue the same goals: process efficiency, cost reduction, and avoidance, and operational excellence. So why do many global enterprises set up a GBS or Shared Service Center without a fully ramped intelligent automation capability?

The pair discussed how embedding intelligent automation as the bedrock of their shared services capability.

Accelerate your business with AI-Enabled Automations

Panel session with Todd Slaughter, Shashi Singh at Liberty Global, and Jeremy Tederry & Shivaraman Shankar of UiPath. 

During this session, the panelists shared insights about features of AI Center by UiPath. Todd Slaughter spoke on the capability of how to leverage image classification with an emphasis on detecting fraudulent checks via image versus text and signature detection in a document without needing any model training.

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