A healthcare diagnostic provider was hiring and onboarding between 40 and 55 new employees in clinical support, radiographers, mammography, and nursing per month.

As the volume of new hires increased, the client decided to automate the employee onboarding process to save the HR team’s time, reduce manual errors, and improve the onboarding experience for candidates.

There were three parts to the process:

  1. Creating the role in their application (adding shift patterns, employee benefits, eligibility for overtime, and PTO/holiday allowance)
  2. Populating personal details of the new joiner in the system from an online form
  3. Adding to payroll.

Automating employee onboarding for new clinical roles

Working closely with their HR team, Tquila designed and developed an UiPath unattended robot to mimic the “cut and paste” data transfer work. It took up to three hours to manually process each new joiner. The team has saved over 165 hours of manual processing time per month by automating new employee onboarding.


Saving time: 11 weeks‘ worth of ‘cut and paste’ work banked
Reducing errors: zero human errors
Reputation: Improved employee onboarding experience.