Brit Insurance needed to record new policies on two separate systems – a highly manual and repetitive task. As the volume of new policies grew, the team were considering setting up an offshore service to meet demand, until they spoke to Tquila Automation.

The Challenge 

New policies had to be recorded on one platform, used by both external brokers and Brit’s underwriters, and then separately on Brit’s own internal platform. As the volume of new policies grew, the team was spending more time on team training and considering outsourcing the operation to an offshore service provider to meet business demand.

It was a highly manual and repetitive task – copying and pasting records from one system to multiple fields in another system and then finally verifying the records matched. Inevitably, there were errors. These caused issues downstream and required effort and resources to rectify.

While Brit Insurance had experimented with robotic process automation (RPA), Brit thought the new policy process was the perfect place to prove the value, speed, and adaptability of RPA. Brit asked a business partner to recommend a delivery partner and Tquila Automation was top of the list.

The Solution

Together, Tquila and Brit were able to design and deliver a solution that fully automated and validated the records in each system. It searches for new policy numbers, extracts data from one platform and populates all the relevant fields in Brit’s internal platform. Once complete, it verifies the data matches and finally allocates the workflow task to “written” and passes to a team member for human validation.

To avoid any backlogs, it looks for new policy reference numbers between 9-5 pm and continues processing the data transfer overnight.

“Tquila came highly recommended. Following the initial discussion, it was clear there was a good fit with similar values and culture. It feels like one team and we’re in it together – the wins and lessons learned”

Leader at Brit Insurance

The Results 

Cost: significant return on investment

Quality: Human errors were reduced

Time: Processing time was improved