We are thrilled to be awarded UiPath Industry Solutions Partner of the Year 2021 for our innovative partnership with a financial services SaaS provider.

Tom Abbot, CEO and Co-founder of Tquila Automation shares his reaction in the video below.

Our partnership with Turnkey IPS was recognised by UiPath at Forward IV – an annual automation conference.

Turnkey IPS are experts in insolvency software and their latest innovation, IPS Cloud, is the first cloud-based solution designed to help insolvency practitioners drive efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Working closely with experts at Turnkey and using UiPath’s robot-as-a-service model, we developed a series of automated processes, like customer onboarding and bank reconciliations, which insolvency practitioners can use to accelerate case management in the IPS Cloud platform. By using “robot minutes” insolvency practitioners pay-per-process and allows us to introduce robotic process automation to a new market segment.

If you’re an insolvency practitioner and would like to learn more about IPS Cloud and Accelerate for IPS Cloud, follow the links now.