Since 1846, Bristol Water has provided essential public water service to more than 1.2 million people. Over the years, this mission has been made possible through continuous innovation, with a team performing manual tasks daily to keep the operations running steadily.

The Head of Business Improvement and Innovation, Chris Thomas, wanted to create more efficiency in their processes, namely invoice processing and data compliance (GDPR). However, he and his team were unsure of how to adopt and scale RPA in their business.

UiPath provided an affordable, simplified approach to start experiencing with automation. In time, the technology became more widely adopted and Bristol Water partnered with Tquila partnered to scale a sustainable Center of Excellence (CoE).

“People came to us with lots of great suggestions, which allowed us to begin building a RPA CoE. As for the staff, they were delighted to have their most monotonous activities removed.”

Chris Thomas, Head of Business Improvement and Innovation, at Bristol Water

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