A global online retailer's return and refund process was highly manual, time-consuming and error-prone, which resulted in the dissatisfaction of both customers and employees.

Data was laboriously entered from various streams into the present ERP system before being updated and posted, requiring further data lookups and referencing.

Improving customer satisfaction with the returns process 

The retailer elected to work with Tquila Automation to analyze, optimize, and automate their refunding process –  making use of UiPath’s Enterprise-Grade Automation Platform.

Refund requests from mailed returns are now automatically created, updated, and posted while collating data from various sources. The process accounts for factors such as promotional codes, discounts, and return types to ensure the appropriate amount is refunded to customers as quickly as possible.

The end-to-end automation solution provides complete visibility over the actions undertaken, alongside an improved average handling time of over 30%, with significantly reduced processing errors.


Saving time: 30-40% reduction in average handling time for returns 
Increasing productivity: Faster processing resulting in enhanced customer and employee satisfaction
Improving quality: Better audibility and reduction in errors