It's time to supercharge RPA with AI: how to scale sustainably, make better business decisions & accelerate growth

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When robotic process automation programs scale and use artificial intelligence to make decisions, your business can unlock new transformational possibilities not thought possible:

  •  A manufacturing business can detect faults before they occur, order replacement parts, and schedule maintenance before the fault impacts production lines.
  • A customer service agent can anticipate and resolve complaints before the customer even knows about them.
  • A regulated business can vet a potential customer and decide whether to accept their business or not and act accordingly.

All with zero human involvement.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can mine vast quantities of data to find patterns or anomalies, learning and improving over time. It can understand, process, and generate a language of its own. It can scrutinize otherwise impenetrable data to identify new insights, predictions, and make next-best-action recommendations. But how do you know it’s the right time to add AI to automation programs? How do you select the right process to unlock value and scale sustainably?

Join a panel of experts to learn more about supercharging RPA and moving your business into the era of intelligent automation and beyond:

  • The intelligent automation maturity curve
  • How artificial intelligence can unlock value and realize benefits across the enterprise
  • Best practices to scale intelligent automation programs with UiPath AI Centre
  • Real-life use cases and case studies of intelligent automation

Panellists include:

  • Ben Park, Director & Head of Product, Tquila Automation
  • Tony Maile, VP Growth, PS AI Labs
  • Andra Buica, Data Scientist, UiPath

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