Businesses need to go faster to meet increasingly tight deadlines, mounting workload and rising consumer expectations. Digital workflows are in place to provide structure but they’re tedious, often manual and document intensive. Employees are using valuable time and bandwidth to process required paperwork at the expense of more strategic work and proactive customer services. There’s a better way.

By using UiPath™ Document Understanding, you can leverage automation and AI to help your organization extract and interpret data from various documents and enable end-to-end document processing. You’ll help the business go faster, reduce costly errors from manual entry and generate higher levels of employee satisfaction by freeing them from repetitive digital paperwork to focus on higher value tasks.

During this session, we:

• Provide an overview of UiPath™ Document Understanding and the value it delivers

• Share some common business applications rooted in real-world experiences

• Show how it works from the user perspective via a short demo

Presenting during this session from Tquila Automation and drawing upon years of client experience are Richard Denton, Co-Founder & CTO, and Grant Medlyn, Technical Delivery Lead. Here’s a little more about them:

Richard is co-founder and CTO. He’s been a thought leader and practitioner in the RPA space for over six years. He was an official UiPath trainer and has been named a UiPath MVP. He’s helped companies – big and small – around the world leverage automation to solve business challenges and is based in Dallas, Texas in the USA.

Grant is a technical delivery lead and has more than five years of global, cross-industry RPA experience. As a highly certified solution architect, Grant stays at the cutting edge of technology and is a go-to leader to showcase the business value of solutions like Document Understanding. He’s based in London, UK.

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