Gain X-Ray Vision into Digital Processes with UiPath Process Mining

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Imagine if you had x-ray vision to see into your business processes and understand how they actually work. You’d be able to see how work really gets done versus how it’s mapped out on paper in a perfect world. Opportunities would be identified to streamline work and you’d know which processes are really the best candidates for automation. You’d be able to confidently supercharge the enterprise.

With UiPath Process Mining, you can take the guesswork out of your automation journey. Ambitious enterprises are using Process Mining to discover, automate and monitor processes to realize true business value. They’re accelerating transformation, gaining data-driven insight into how their enterprise works and taking decisive action to be better.

During this virtual session, one of our senior business analysts with years of automation experience:

  • Provides an overview of UiPath Process Mining capabilities
  • Covers the value that it delivers at the enterprise and employee level
  • Gives a brief demo to show you how the tool works from a user perspective

This session is equally helpful for those businesses that are just getting started on their automation journey and for those that have already begun their journey but need to scale it further for more value.

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