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There’s a lot of excitement in the market around the business use and value of intelligent automation. Its ability to kickstart digital transformation is making it a top board room priority. Automating highly manual digital processes like accounts payable and claims processing will reduce costs, eliminate mistakes, accelerate outcomes and help employees to focus on more strategic items. Companies embracing intelligent automation will become more agile, resilient and operationally sound.

We understand though that it can be difficult to know where to begin if you’re new to the intelligent automation discussion and are just starting to consider whether it’s a good fit for your organization. That’s why we’ve asked two of our most experienced thought leaders to break it all down for you.

During this session, we do the following:

  • Lend insight about the market buzz
  • Cover the high-level basics of automation
  • Share “getting-started” best practices
  • Review why UiPath is the best-of-breed platform

Here’s a little about the speakers:

Dillan Hackett has 4+ years’ experience helping companies create UiPath robotic solutions, ensuring customer success and driving forward automation programs. He has extensive knowledge of customer processes and challenges across industries. As Head of Product and Innovation at Tquila Automation, Dillan ensures our clients have the best and most innovative solutions available to support their automation journey.

Ben Park is a visionary business change leader with an extensive understanding of IT and a passion for Digital Transformation. He has broad experience helping customers identify solutions to their problems through human-centric design and innovative technologies like RPA automation. Ben has 25+ years’ experience in technology and likes to put the fun into the serious business of building IT solutions.

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