We are delighted to announce Tquila Automation is partnering with a global SaaS provider, Turnkey IPS, to bring the benefits of automation to the insolvency and restructuring sectors.  

With over 40 years of experience within the industry, Turnkey IPS are experts in insolvency software and their latest innovation, IPS Cloud, is the 1st cloud-based solution designed to help insolvency practitioners (IPs) around the world drive efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity of their practice through digital transformation.   

By partnering with Tquila Automation, users of both Turnkey IPS Cloud and the SQL platform can kick start this transformation, eliminating repetitive and manual tasks through Accelerate’s powerful process automation capabilities. This enables IPs to deliver business activities faster, cheaper, and to a far higher standard than previously possible, enabling them to remain competitive within a rapidly transforming sector. 

“The insolvency industry is evolving and digitisation is gathering pace. IPS Cloud is here and already opening opportunities to leverage new ways of working using automation. Accelerate for IPS Cloud takes this one step further using innovative technology to augment your business processes and help your people work smarter, not harder with automation. ”

Deborah Baxter, Chief Operating Officer at Turnkey IPS  

“It’s an exciting partnership. We’re helping traditional industries transform and find new ways of working with leading edge technology, but in a way that minimises impact on the business and delivers real-world value from day-one.”

Ben Park, Head of Product, Tquila Automation

If you’re interested in learning more about automating your insolvency processes, then please request a demo of Accelerate for IPS Cloud